non profit CPA in Texas

What type of engagement do I need?

This is always the first decision that you as the client must make.  First, review the information under the "services" tab.  Each service is described with the benefits and uses of that service.  Often your lending institution will determine what type of service you need.  If not, we will gladly visit with you and share what we have found to be the most helpful in similar circumstances to yours.

Do I have to do an audit every year?

No, you do not, but there is additional cost involved in testing the activity for the year not audited.  What we recommend is that you have a review or a compilation for the year in-between and your audit years.  This reduces the cost of the audit because a CPA has performed services for the in-between periods.

What will it cost?

Cost is determined by the scope of the work and the type of engagement.  Each situation and business is different.  However, we are prepared to give you an estimate of the cost based on the information you provide, hours we estimate to complete the engagement, and our average hourly rate.  We believe our rates are more affordable than most for the level of service you receive from Cox & Associates CPAs LLC.

Will I get experienced staff for my engagement?

At our firm, you get our most experienced staff to work on your engagement.  All of our engagements have a CPA with more than 20 years experience involved in fieldwork.

Can I get references?

Yes, you should always ask for references.  We are ready to provide you with the names and contact information of some of our clients that have similar businesses for yours to contact.